Plastic pizza cutter for pizzeria,
Plastic pizza cutter for thin
pizza,Pizza cutting wheel .
Imprinted  Pizza Cutter  !
For thin pizza .

NEW -  Can be with your logo  !

PizzaBoost & Promo pizza.

Plastic pizza cutter with Customized logo print

Plastic pizza cutter with Customized logo 

Pizza takeaway ? A giveaway Idea for Pizzeria ?
gluten free pizza   cutter
 easy to
clean it ,and even to use it as disposable
 pizza cutter For Thin Pizza .

we are one of the biggest
suppliers because of the good quality and the

price .
It is perfect to use it for thin pizza and for gluten free pizza .
  A pizza cutter plastic wheel .
 You can decide about the color of your
 pizza cutter plastic wheel.

If you are looking for pizza cutter for your pizzeria?We print your name and phone no
On the pizza cutter .
If You have a service that need advertising ?
If You want to reach more  local customers ?
Plastic pizza cutter for thin pizza with
3 printed sides of promotional item that comes with pizza delivery service
We look forward to serving you!

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pizza cutter


The best application for our product as a giveaway with pizza delivery services    .

After we print your phone number and your pizzeria name on our plastic pizza cutter

The customer will keep calling back to you and order more pizza delivery   .

Customized logo print ON your 
pizza cutter plastic wheel .
you also can decide about the color of the product .